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Counterbalance Forklift Training

All our counterbalance forklift training courses contain theory lessons in a classroom and practical work using the counterbalance truck. These courses follow the Health and Safety commission's approved code of practice and guidance. Meaning you, as an employer, meet your legal obligations to make sure all forklift drivers receive adequate training.

At GFS Training Centre, we understand that everyone prefers a different learning style. Therefore, our courses use a variety of techniques to suit all learners. We use forklift models, videos, powerpoints, worksheets and handouts to keep everyone interested. Each lesson is then finished with some questions to ensure all information is understood.

The theory work builds gradually allowing time to absorb the information before moving to the next stage. Practical lessons are demonstrated, then trainees are given adequate time to practise under close supervision.

A counterbalance forklift truck or counterbalance truck is what most people think of when talking about forklift trucks. Usually found in either a warehouse or construction environment. They are by far the most common forklift truck in use in the world today.

A counterbalance truck has a compact design; the operator sits behind the forks inside a protective structure. This structure protects the user from falling objects and in the event of a tip-over. Steering comes from the rear wheels while the power comes from the front. Their lifting capacity is usually around 1.5 tonnes, but the larger machines can lift over 40 tonnes.

They are powered by electricity, with batteries, or an internal combustion engine fuelled by diesel or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

For prices, or to arrange a Counter Balance course for either Novice or Experienced Operators at your place or ours, Call 01777 705767

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